I like My autel ds708

DS708 covers more than 40 vehicles made from US domestic, Asian and European. 3 diagun can work on as much as 70 diesel and gasoline vehicle makes. OEMscan GreenDS GDS + 3 supports especially American and Japanese vehicles. It is compatible with Benz and BMW connector, it is capable of 24V Benz truck.

They share the same characteristics: Basic diagnostic (read / clear DTCs, read live data, display data flow etc) .They all are designed with self printer that can print the result data.

Some differences can be observed in them. With the help of the diagnostic adapter Launch DBScar, Diagun 3 is capable of carrying out the function without diagnostic wire. DS708 also has WiFi capability in GDS + 3 no. Autel DS708 can also support the programming of the ECU. GDS + 3 has been reset to oil, SAS Reset, TPMS, DPF / C etc other special functions A.

All in all, that is why I am confirmed my Autel DS708 is original one. You could also have a check on these parts to make sure the one you want to buy is original to ensure its functions and compatible vehicle models, including authorization certificate, the same functions as official website promised, updateable on official website and reasonable prices.

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