How to delete BMW car warning light using E-Sys

How to delete BMW car warning light using E-Sys
07 Dec

Sometimes when coding, warning lamps for various vehicles may be displayed. It usually happens when you touch the value of a feature that should not be touched. Some warning lights include a warning light that turns off and on after a short period of time, or disappears naturally over time. At this time, BMW diagnostic tool ENET cable E-Sys you can delete the warning light of these vehicles through. Of course, the one-off error caused by coding mistake is that the warning light does not come on again after deleting the warning light, but if there is a fault in the vehicle, the warning light will come back on again.

First run E-Sys (basically the same as coding, run E-Sys with E-Sys Launcher).

And connect to the vehicle.

When connection is established, right click on FA folder on Coding screen and Activate FA.

Then External Application > External Application select from the E-Sys left screen .

Transmitter Double-click on the right side .


When the Transmitter screen is displayed, Connect press the button at the bottom of the screen (if you press the Connect button, the connection will be displayed.

Predefined Services At the bottom of the list Clear all DTCs…., select the item that starts with.
Send Press the button at the bottom of the screen .

I did not capture the screen, but the results screen will display a message like this, and the warning light will be deleted immediately.


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