Porsche Piwis 3 Online Update Instruction

Porsche piwis 3 latest software version 39.7 release! Full set with Lenovo T450 Laptop ready to use, comes with USB dongle, supports update online. Piwis 3 full set with 39.7 software supports Porsche old and new vehicles till 2020, supports engineering mode and online programming.With new DoIP Ethernet diagnostic technology, supports Wifi and Lan Cable connection.

1.Piwis 3 With V39.700 Piwis III Software for Porsch Cars diagnostic & Programming.
2.Piwis 3 with developer mode software & TeamViewer Installed Lenovo Laptop Ready To Use, cover all piwis 2 functions.
3.With New DoIP Ethernet diagnostic technology,Supports Porsche Models after 2002.

Top 4 Reason to get Tester III Diagnostic Tool :
1. Exclusive support for P0rsche third generation diagnostic PIWIS 3
2. New DoIP Ethernet diagnostic technology
3. Luxury car diagnosis, ultra low threshold
4. Support Porsche Models after 2002.
Update method : Send SSD back or buy a new SSD

PIWIS III with Piwis 3 Software Details:
1. Software Version:
Dual System: V38.200 + V39.700
V38.200(without Engineering software support online programming)
V39.700(with Engineering software support offline programming)
2. Functions: Diagnosis and Programming
3. Update: By SSD
4. Connection: Via USB or Wifi
5. Support Vehicles: Support all Porsche till 2020
6. Password for Laptop: 123456
7. Multi-Languages: German, English, US English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russia, Portuguese, Nederlands


With Porsche Piwis 3 What Can We Do?

Read/clear error code

Catch data stream

Computer programming match

Component test

Maintenance information consult

Components site drawing

Wiring diagram

Porsche Piwis 3 with USB Dongle Version Online Update Instruction.

1.provide picture of the back of the laptop and hardware for approval before update.

2.After approval, plus USB dongle and start the laptop, below page will come out:

Input domain name, user and password to login.

Domain name:(www.autosos.club)

Factory will provide user name and password when updating.

3.After login, download the latest software (need around 3~5 hours), when download done, pls contact us and send team viewer to activate the software.


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