Easy steps for Update your Launch X431

X431 tools are professional universal auto diagnostic tool designed and developed by LAUNCH for repair technicians and DIY.Besides what we all know X431 Master and X431 GX3; we have X-431 PAD/ Iphone and X431 iCard for Android Phone; we have the newest x431 diagun III which support update online; we have universal stand-alone code reader: Creader VI, CREADER VI+ and Creader VII; we also have Creader CR-HD heavy duty code scanner. Moreover, there are three smart and portable code readers: X431 Pocket Tech, Pocket Tech PRO and Crecorder OBD2.

Easy steps for Update your Launch X431
Steps 1:  Get Your correct Smart BOX serial number of Launch X431 ( X431 Diagun , Launch X431 Master  , Launch X431 GX3 ..etc ) , If your LAUNCH X431 Have mini Printer You can get the serial number on print paper , if it without Mini Printer as launch x431 diagun You can read from Screen Menu . Email us we will tell you how do get it

Steps 2 : Pay 80usd for the x431 one time update service  via paypal ,western union , bank transfer . 1-2 days we will Upload you newest X431 update Software to file server and email you the download Link

Steps 3 : Download the x431 files and backup your older files from CF card to computer . Format the card first and unzip the file download ,extract files to CF Card (for replace older files )

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