How to Solve BMW ICOM Software ISTA-P Need Activation Key?

BMW ICOM software works for BMW ICOM Next and ICOM A2. The latest version of the ICOM software is v2022.03. Some customers encountered a problem when opening the ISTA-P software and requesting a password.   BMW ICOM Software Overview Software…
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How to Solve BMW ICOM E-sys Communication Error with BMW ZGW Gateway

In some situation,your BMW ICOM ISTA+ software build communication with BMW gateway correctly and work well,but when you trying E-sys can’t.So here is a solution for you fix this problem. Procedures: Step 1: Run Tool32 software,double click “steuern_reset_learn_flexray” to perform…
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Best Quality BMW ICOM 2021.01 Engineers Version

BMW ICOM V2021.01, With free Software: Software Version : V2021.01 ISTA – D: 4.27.20,with SDP Programming Database 4.27.20 ISTA – P: with Engineer Programming,supports the programming of BMW motorcycles and electric vehicles can program F/G/I/K chassis for car (through the ICOM, not…
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(Solved) ICOM Next Firmware is too new to work with ISTA-P

ICOM - Next - Firmware - is - too - new - to

Solutions for issue: BMW ICOM fimware is too new to work with ista-p. I have 66.2 installed and the newest icom next firmware. There is a window showing current Firmware 31503 and the supposed firmware 31500. is there a workaround? Error…
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What is the best ISTA-D version? (most stable, bug-free)

For you, which version of BMW ICOM ISTA-D is the most stable, bug-free? 1. For me: ISTA-D v.4.18.32 Latest for AGR rate change – Program bug free – short VIN … 4.15.16 for me, later versions seems to be missing more…
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