How to setup BMW ICOM A2 WIFI


Here is a Guide help you how to Set Up BMW ICOM A2 WIFI

1. make sure you ICOM A2 have a WIFI card!!!!
go to



make a selftest , than you can got the test result , the WIFI must be ok

How to setup BMW ICOM A2 WIFI-1 (2)

2. go to make the wifi setting, ( the xcar360 bmw icom a2 wifi version no need setting)

a . set the mode to ISPI-NEXT

How to setup BMW ICOM A2 WIFI-2

B . SET WLAN , SSID name ISPI-NEXT PASS:12345678 save

How to setup BMW ICOM A2 WIFI-3

After the setting on ICOM is done , let we make computer setting, suggest buy the a USB wifi card , then set it to AP mode

then set same ssid name as icom ;ISPI-NEXT

and choose WSP2 method , enter same password :12345678

How to setup BMW ICOM A2 WIFI-4 (2)

How to setup BMW ICOM A2 WIFI-5 (2)

then ok, unplug ICOM LAN cable , restart icom waiting it connect to laptop wifi!
How to setup BMW ICOM A2 WIFI-6 (2)

then start ISTA/D make diagnostic . enjoy!

notice: don’t use wifi mode make programmer!!!


We really high recommend buy ICOM A2 WIFI version , it isn’t advertising , because his icom WIFI is set well, no need first step set on icom . and he also give a USB WIFI CARD , like i show!




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