BMW ICOM Automotive Diagnostic Tool FAQs









BMW ICOM Automotive Diagnostic Tool FAQs

Q: Can BMW ICOM work with Rolls-Royce?
A: yes, it can do, and no need to buy additional software.

Q: I have BMW ICOM hardware from you; can I use the BMW ICOM software from other sellers?
A: Better use bmw icom software from us, otherwise it may will not work.

Q: Can work on BMW R1200R motorcycle part?
A: The software and the equipment can support it. But it need on special connecting port.

Q: Can it do air suspension?
A: No, it can not.

Q: Hello, Can i use this icom with original ISTA+ software?
A:Yes , it can use original software

Q: Is your BMW ICOM software compatible with the original BMW diagnostic tool?
A: if you can deal with it, you can have a try, but we do not suggest you do that.

Q: What computer system BMW ICOM A+B+C works on?
A: BMW ICOM with moveable hard disk run with WIN 7, CPU i5 and 4GB memory at least. BMW ICOM with internal hard disk can be directly inserted into computer, and open computer to diagnose and program.

Now there are latest version of the bmw icom software and can support mulit-language, if you need more details for bmw icom scanner , you can check our website directly :

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