Autel DS708 covers more than 40 vehicles

Autel DS708 covers more than 40 vehicles made from US domestic, Asian and European. 3 diagun can work on as much as 70 diesel and gasoline vehicle makes. OEMscan GreenDS GDS + 3 supports especially American and Japanese vehicles. It is compatible with Benz and BMW connector, DS708 is capable of 24V Benz truck.

X431 5C Pro Full System Automotive Diagnostic Tool is a new diagnostic tool release by Launch tech. It support one click online update, support full range car model from USA, European and Asian. X431 5C is perfect tool for car diagnose. This is full set version with all connectors and cables.

WIFI Launch X431 5C/5C pro, the replacement of Launch X431 V has been carried out for a short time. Following are the installation, register and update instructions of the Launch 5C pro full system automotive diagnostic scanner.

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