How to install the X431 5C diagnostic connector?

How to install the X431 5C diagnostic connector
1) Locate vehicle’s DLC connector. The 16 pin diagnostic connector is generally located on the driver’s side, about 12inches away from the center of the dash board.
2) Plug the 5C diagnostic connector into the OBD-II socket. It is suggested to use OBD-II extension cable to connect the DLC and the connector. If your vehicle is not compatible with 16-pin connector, you need desired connector to communicate.
3) The power indicator of the diagnostic connector will ON when well communication is built.

Original X-431 5C -series product have so many advantages for instance widely coverage at vehicle model, powerful test function, more specific function, more accurate test data etc. offer best price tag for original Launch X431 5C.If that you are looking for this tool,please no hesitate to contact our sales.

Maxidas DS708 is manufactured by autel Tech Diagun 3 is one of the outstanding masterpieces of launch X431 and OEMScan GDS + 3 is made by GreenDS technology. They share the same characteristics: Basic diagnostic (read / clear DTCs, read live data, display data flow etc) .They all are designed with self printer that can print the result data.

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