NEXIQ USB link is not compatible with Volvo Bus

Nexiq 125032 USB Link is not compatible with Volvo Bus, hardware does not support. Our Isuzu software is North American version. You can use it to work on North American Isuzu. Nexiq is not very good at diagnose CAT too. Especially for Asian Cat. Up to now, this Nexiq only support CAT with J1939 and J1708 protocol.

You might laugh at the Rolex comment but the similarities are frightening. When you receive the products, lay the watch and USB-Link out side by side. From a few feet away it looks like you made a great buy. Step closer and that knot will start to tighten in your stomach. You’ll soon realize that maybe this was not a good idea.

When you start to really look at the units you will see that the little hands are really just printed on the Rolex face. Now look at your USB-Link and the three led’s that are on the non-U.S. manufactured Nexiq USB Link 125032 are printed on the sticker.

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