When i load Isuzu IDSS software of NEXIQ 125032 USB link

When i load Isuzu IDSS software, it failed. And the software gives me this error prompt: “CRC error: the file C:Program FilesIDSS images2007icvch processedfullsizefullb606.rra doesnt match the file in the setup’s.cab file.”
About this prompt of Nexiq USB Link 125032, maybe, it is caused by two reasons:
1) You do not use the right way to load this software, follow the user manual to do it;
2) The operation system does not compatible with this software.

Nexiq 125032 USB Link Diagnostic Adapter is nexiq data link adapter adds Bluetooth function. Bluetooth Nexiq usb link new added wireless protocol that connects electronic devices while they are close to each another. We have Nexiq from china Nexiq usb link bluetooth version for sale.Exactly, my brother seemed very satisfactory with this kind of truck diagnostic tool. Then I ordered NEXIQ USB Link truck scanner from China supplier — careucar.com. It was shipped to be me by DHL, and received the package well 4 days later (all parts are shown on the picture below.

Bluetooth Nexiq from china Nexiq usb link for sale Nexiq adapter
1). Bluetooth nexiq from provides up to 300 feet of wireless freedom.
2). Flexible configuration supports wired or wireless connectivity.
3). Reduce reprogramming times with direct USB connection.
4). No messy cables to untangle or get in the way with Bluetooth

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