BMW CAS 2000-2014 mileage correction by Digimaster 3 III (with CAS modules pictures)

To correct mileage on BMW CAS 2000-2014 year, Digimaster 3 digimaster iii original odometer correction master is the best choice.
Attach a detailed table including CAS1 912DG128(3K91D), CAS2 9S12DG256(2K79X), CAS3
9S12DG256(0L01Y), CAS3+ 9S12XDP512(0L15Y), CAS4   9S12XDP512(1L15Y)
9S12XEP100(5M48H) and FEM. Then the workable BMW models & years, finally the CAS modules.

CAS1 912DG128(3K91D)

CAS2 9S12DG256(2K79X)

CAS3 9S12DG256(0L01Y)

CAS3+ 9S12XDP512(0L15Y)
For a small part of CAS3+ after 2013, the CPU is OM23S

CAS4  9S12XDP512(1L15Y)

CAS4 9S12XEP100(5M48H)

FEM module
There are two versions of FEM module. X5 is the new version and the filter is connected to the back of dashboard, the manufacturer doesn’t have wiring diagram.

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