How to Fix MB Star Xentry Start Keys Save not Successfully Problem

As we well known, Benz diagnostic tool MB Star Xentry, DAS, WIS and EPC system need to activate before usage. Someone will get error when they input start keys to activate xentry. Generally the problem customer get is start keys”save not successfully” or”Internal error:(3.17)you must contact the user help desk”

1.“Save not successfully”, this problem happens after you input start keys get from supplier to the startkey blank, and click the ok button to save it.

2.“Internal error:(3.17)you must contact the user help desk”, this problem happen after you activate the software well, go back to pc desk to open the programmer

3.For these above problem, you can solve it like this
4.Follow this path:C.Documents and settings/all users/application/datacdir

5. find out the”lic-key-2, dat” and delete it
6. Then send id to us again, we will send new start keys to you, you re-activate it, after you activate, there will generate a new Lic-key-2.dat, copy the Lic-key-2.dat, rename it Lic-key-2.x4711. last click right button of mouse, change the property of this file to read-only, then it is ok

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