Lonsdor K518 BMW Mini Downgrade Fail Error Solution

Problem: Lonsdor K518S yesterday failed to program mini r56 2012 cas3++ istap version. After downgrade it with the properly menu. Went to program key and lonsdor keep saying cas need update.

Fail fail fail. And cas now is faulty and car doesn’t s tart. Tried to update cas with original BMW istap and at the end gave error. This never happened to me before. Last time I had this problem just updated cas with istap and cas became alive. How to fix now? I know how to fix it, problem is LONSDOR IS NOT DOING UPDATES PROPERLY.

Solution: Mini downgrade is unstable,need to dismantle cas and read data before updating cas Find a car exactly the same as this one, and rewrite the eeprom data. then the car will be as normal. (you need to dismantle cas and read data before updating cas for cas3+/3++)

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