How to Connect Caterpillar ET Software from your Laptop to ECM

How to Connect Caterpillar ET Software from your Laptop to ECM?

-Open Caterpillar ET Software, it will automatically connect to ECM, Click “Stop Connect”.

Laptop - to - ECM  -  1

-Click on Menu: “Utilities – Preferences”.

Laptop - to - ECM  -  2

-If using Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3, and Mark on “Enable Dual Data Link Service”.

Laptop - to - ECM  -  3

-If using Caterpillar Comm Adapter II, and setting “Ports” (example: COM4) as your COM port at Device Manager.

Laptop - to - ECM  -  4

-If using NEXIQ USB-Link, Choose “RP1210 Compliant Device”, also Click Advanced button to select a specific RP1210.

Laptop - to - ECM  -  5

#Driver Download:
-Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3 – V2.0

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