How to OBD add MQB keys using Handy Baby II?

Can I use Handy Baby for MQB add keys?

Yes, if you have the JMD Handy Baby II and JMD OBD adapter.


Look here:

Part 1: Handy Baby II MQB vehicle coverage

Part 2: Handy Baby II Car Key Programmer OBD adds MQB keys

in detail…

Part 1: JMD Handy Baby II MQB vehicle list



MQB function requires JMD OBD adapter. The adapter only works with Handy baby II.

Handy baby ii cannot do MQB all keys lost.

Handy baby 2 OBD does not support JCI dashboard offline programming, always do it online. Online need extra token.  Offline programming does not require token.

After you get the OBD,send us your OBD ID to open the MQB function.

Part 2: How to use Handy Baby II for OBD adding MQB keys

Steps: read & save immo data – generate a new key

in detail…

The car status:


JMD OBD adapter for OBD connection
handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-2 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-3

Go to the JMD application – OBD – MQB

handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-4 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-5 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-6

Read and save anti-theft data

handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-7 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-8 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-9 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-10

Generate key: this function need to connect the Handy baby 2. pls connect the handybaby ii with the OTC cable or Bluetooth after connection OBD Bluetooth

handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-12  handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-14 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-15 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-16


handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-18 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-19 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-20

Send data successfully

Starts to generate a key with handy baby ii
handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-22 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-23 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-24 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-25 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-26 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-27

Learn key

handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-28 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-29 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-30 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-31 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-32 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-33 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-34 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-35 handy-baby-2-obd-add-mqb-keys-36

All success!

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