V2019.7 MB SD C4 plus vs. Mercedes-Benz XENTRY VCI C6

What’s the difference between New SDconnect C4 and Mercedes-Benz VCI C6 diagnostic system? Check details below:


V2019.7 MB SD C4 plus

Mercedes-Benz - 1

Price: 409 euro


1)Supports old Mercedes with DAS software

2)Supports new Mercedes with DoIP protocol

3)With free DTS, Monaco, Vediamo and HHT-WIN

4)No need battery for firmware update

5)Connected automatically to WLAN for diagnostic tests, wireless connection is stable, remote help is available.

6)Has good quality with waterproof, shockproof and tamper proof

7)Easy to install and activate, supports most of laptops

Mercedes-Benz XENTRY VCI C6

Mercedes-Benz - 2

Price: 529 euro


1)Cannot support the old cars with DAS, only can use XENTRY to test new cars (such as ECOM)

2)The software offered with Deep Freeze. Need to be activated after restored

Note: XENTRY, VEDIMO, DTS, EPC/ WIS all need to be activated (Mercedes-Benz VCI C6 comes with keygen).

3)The software is equipped with dongle. The test must be plugged in dongle (e.g ECOM).

4)Supports VEDIAMO and DTS Monaco software (have been tested OK).

5)Supports DoIP protocol

6)The software can be connected with WLAN and USB, but doesn’t support WiFi


Compared with Mercedes-Benz Xentry VCI C6, the V2019.7 DOIP MB SD C4 plus supports more Mercedes-Benz cars (incl. old and new), is cheaper and easier to use.

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