How to use Benz C6 and Xenrtry to do DPF Regeneration by Yourself


It is very expensive to repair Mercedes Benz,take DPF regeneration as example,it will cost you near $1000 for it on dealer.Some many DIY user will choose to do this operaiton.Here UOBD2 will show you guide on how to use OEM device to perform Mercede Benz DPF regeneration by yourself?

How does DPF Regeneration work?

DPF Regeneration menu lets you perform the DPF cleaning to clear the blockage through

continuous burning of the particulates captured in the DPF filter. Which will avoid the filter being blocked by ash, then the owner has to replace the new diesel particulate filter (worth 1000usd -200usd)

How to use Benz C6 and Xenrtry 09/2019 to do DPF Regeneration?

What You Need:

New VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool for Benz With V2019.7 Software HDD


Mercedes Benz C6 OEM DoIP Xentry Diagnosis VCI Multiplexer with V2019.12 Software HDD No Need Activation

With this machine, just follow the on-screen instruction to do, soon DPF regeneration will be completed. After complete, all the data will be low value in green color.

benz-c6-done-dpf-regeneration-1 benz-c6-done-dpf-regeneration-2






For your information, what I used is BEZN C6 OEM DOIP VCI + Xentry 09/2019 software, they are made by Allscanner VXDIAG Company.

I have no VXDIAG C6 MB Star C6, so I have no idea if it is working DPF too, although the Allscanner Engineer claim yes.

Mercedes Benz C6 OEM DoIP Xentry diagnosis VCI Multiplexer with V2019.9 Software HDD No Need Activation

That’s all.


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