WOYO PDR007 Auto Body Paintless Dent Repair Tool Removal Kits Induction Magnetic for Iron Car Body Remove Dents


Product Description


WOYO PDR007 is a dent repair tool that use the principle of magnetic induction heating to its advantage. It can fix soft dents on metal surface in only 30 seconds. It is easy to use, any worker with a background in metal composition can master it in 3 minutes.

Please Note: Before using this device, you must read the instructions. If the instructions are not followed carefully, the operator could suffer injury, the device could be damaged, or the car being treated might be damaged.

And you can download the user guider in the listing “Product information”-“Technical Specification”, there have a PDF document.

WOYO Scanner WOYO PDR007 Features

1. Easy to use, low cost of learning how to use

2. 6 times faster delivery of owners (compared with the traditional way of demolition and repair), improve shop utilization, rapid recovery of investment

3. Two operation modes to adapt to different needs:

-Time mode

– Power mode

4. High-precision control, operational safety

5. Large-screen display, precise control, real-time monitoring


1. Dedicated to the removal of the body dents, for the thickness less than 1MM 2. Auto body heating Depression Pit Body Sheet Metal Disassembly Heating

The dent is more closer to the central part of every suitable position marked in the picture, the eraser is will be repaired
Suitable range of use:

1.This device is designed specifically to be used with dents on flexible steel car bodies.

2.Dents like the kind caused by impact from hailstones, which leave smooth, rounded dents, can be removed. (More active materials may call for different devices, like pull hooks or suction cups. Consult with training personnel for specifics)

Unsuitable range of use:

1. Sharp dents

2. Aluminum bodies

3. Body areas that have been damaged and reconstructed

4. Crumpled/creased areas or dents along creased metal

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