Truck diagnostic tool MAN Cats T200 V14.0 is the newest 2021 year


Truck diagnostic tool MAN Cats T200 by Teradyne is the newest 2021 year scanner designed for MAN trucks and other vehicles with MAN engines. It works well with any newer MAN vehicle due to its capability to support CAN type diagnostic programs. Here lies the main advantage over MAN Cats II, which can only support the older trucks (no support of CAN systems). On the other hand, T200 supports both newest and older vehicles’ systems and protocols. This truck diagnostic tool is an ideal assistant for any type of MAN services, professional dealers or local mechanics.

Examples of T200 scanner diagnosable systems: EBS, ECAS (electronically controlled air suspension), EDC (engine regulation), retarder, gearbox, air-conditioning system, central computer, airbag, instrumentation, door module, etc.

MAN CATS T200 (Code: 0)
man cats interface
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man cats interface man cats OBD cable man cats round cable connector usb for man interface MAN Diagnostic Tool MAN CAT T200

MAN CATS T200 – dealer scan tool systems for trucks and MAN, MAN CATS T200 (man cats 3 ) – for diagnostics and programming trucks brands of MAN.
It is used for trucks and other industrial vehicles manufactured after 2001 .
Works in conjunction with the diagnostic program man cats

Opportunities MAN CATS T200

Control unit identification
Reading , erasing errors
Testing of the actuators
Monitoring (visualization and interpretation of sensor signals )
Guided Fault Finding
Condition monitoring and service functions .
Programming and Control Module Replacement

Supported systems :

Electronic braking system (EBS)
Engine management system (EDC)
Air suspension control (ESAC)
Air conditioning systems
The central computer
door module
and more

There have 2 options for this tool :

1. Select the software in CD , need you install by yourself .(Its complex to install and active the software)
Support win 7 win8 win 10 XP system.
System requirement

Dual-Core CPU

2G memory

Hard disk more than 160G
2. Choose the software installed in Dell D630 laptop , you no need to install the software , you can use it directly when you get the product .
MAN T200 is portable and robust. It enables workshops especially smaller ones – to inexpensively keep up with the new Trucknology technology in the vehicles.

Heavy Duty Truck Scanner MAN T200 is an external diagnosis system with the most extensive test depth for electrical systems in MAN commercial vehicles. This diagnosis system is ideally suited to use in a workshop as well as mobile usage.

MAN T200 details :




Package Including 1 :
1pc x  T200 Communication Interface
1pc x  OBD2 Main Cable
1pc x 12-pin Round Cable
1pc x OBD2 Adapter Cable
1pc x USB Cable



Package Including 2:
1pc x T200 Communication Interface
1pc x OBD2 Main Cable
1pc x 12-pin Round Cable
1pc x OBD2 Adapter Cable
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x DELL D630 second hand laptop (installed the software V14.01)


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