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When i load Isuzu IDSS software of NEXIQ 125032 USB link

When i load Isuzu IDSS software, it failed. And the software gives me this error prompt: “CRC error: the file C:Program FilesIDSS images2007icvch processedfullsizefullb606.rra doesnt match the file in the setup’s.cab file.” About this prompt of Nexiq USB Link 125032,…
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NEXIQ has been set up after well connected with vehicle

Nexiq 125032 USB Link has been set up after well connected with vehicle. The Bluetooth software provides a virtual serial COM port (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile). The COM port provides well communication between diagnostic base system and the NEXIQ USB…
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Nexiq USB Link is nexiq data link adapter adds Bluetooth function

In early 2015, Nexiq Technologies discontinued the “tried and true” original Nexiq USB Link. This adapter had been around for around 7 years, and was wildly popular. One of the main reasons that the Nexuq USB Link became so popular…
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