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Ford VCM II Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade Instruction

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade1

Confirmed: Ford VCM II (Item No. SP177) firmware upgrade and downgrade is possible. Problem: I received the VCM 2 (SP177) yesterday.  I finished installing the IDS v86 software but now it won’t recognize the VCM2. What are your recommendations to get…
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VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford IDS V116 Cannot do Expedition 2018?

Question: I have installed the IDS V116 software for vxdiag vcx nano Ford. After connect with Expedition 2018, IDS will read vehicle model and engine, but it won’t access to other function. Gave error “use only Ford Diagnosis and Repair…
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Ford diagnostic tool is the Professional Diagnostic Tool that is used by authorized and private services. With the help of the Ford VCM 2 car scanner, in addition, to find DTC, you can perform all diagnostic and programming on all automobiles…
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How to Use Ford VCM II Scan tool to Read and Clear Mondeo DTCs?

There have some customers dont know how to read & clear mondeo DTCs with our ford vcm ii , please check the steps as following : Open IDS software Select “Start New Session”-> “All other” Establishing communication to PCM Select…
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