How to Solve Autel IM608 Cannot Write VIN for Ford F-250 by Used PCM?

Customer Problem: I couldn’t find the VIN writing procedure on a used PCM module with Autel MaxiIM IM608 for my 2001 Ford F250. (The original PCM module i had thrown away.)

Cannot - Write - VIN - for Engineer Solution:

1.Confirm the tools you used were Autel MaxiIM 608 and MaxiFlash J2534 ECU programmer by Ford OEM subscription

2.Turn ignition to the OFF position

3.Run the Ford software

4.Follow the prompts to enter VIN

Three steps to enter new VIN:

Step 1: Insert VIN number and tear tag information

Step 2: Follow prompts to program PCM

Step 3: Check VIN and insert mileage

Please kindly notice:

1.If the scanner doesn’t have the “Programable Module Installation” feature, use Fords OEM software to complete the programming task.

2.Always try to keep the original module when replacing it with a used module

3.To write the VIN on a used module (when original PCM is not present), turn off the ignition, then run the Ford software

Good luck!

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