C4/C5 MB Star System Basic Operation and Installation

2017.09 MB SD C4 Star and MB STAR C5 Star are popular diagnostic tool for car workshop .  And our engineer have made a  brief introduction for basic operation and installation as following :

Running the system

Running Xentry
· Click  Xentry” icon, running Xentry .
· If Xentry is enabled, you can switch to the following application: 
Xentry TIPS
Diagnosis(xentry diagnosis/DAS)
EPC net



XentryStartup screen
· After start xentry, the Xentry framework (= complete display) appears, including various elements: 

= Main window, such as display

Brand/vehicle selection, test procedures, documentation,… .

 = The main navigation bar
You can open various applications or functions here:

= Status bar (vehicle and user information)


· After start Xentry , will display brand view

Product group
· After start xentry , will display product group ?( like Mercedes-benz).
· You can set the content (like the brand or product group) that should be displayed directly after starting Xentry from the system .  

System settings

System setting-(1)
· Click here open system setting
· After click it ,the main menu will be display



System setting-(2)
· Submenu are visible 

System setting-(3)
·Date and time format selection  

System setting-(4)
· Choose setting unit system

System setting -(5)
· Display System and data version of xentry diagnostics

System setting -(6)
· Setting languages

Switch to diagnostic software Xentry diagnostics or DAS <> information


Switch to xentry or DAS
· System will switch to diagnostic after vehicle recongnisezed
· The important is that xentry searched which vehicle, then start xentry diagnosis or DAS .
· Vehicle model series will be confirm by xentry Ident .
· If Xentry recognizes the model series corresponding to “204″ , so start Xentry diagnostic.
· If xentry recognizes the model series (VIN) not corresponding 204 , then start DAS.

 Start it from diagnostic software in the vehicle of the corresponding series “204″

. Complete vehicle identification number, like 204.022 
· Use the “diagnose” button to switch to diagnostics
· According to the vehicle identification number (VIN) , Recognizing that the car can be diagnosed with  Xentry diagnosis .
· Start xentry diagnose .
Choose the vehicle model (e.g. 204) with vehicle identification to start diagnostic .

Xentry diagnostic startup screen


Start diagnostic software in vehicles that do not correspond to the series “204″ - like  211

· Complete vehicle identification number, like 211.022 
· Use the “diagnose” button to switch to diagnostics
· According to the vehicle identification number (VIN) , recognizing that the car cant be diagnosed with  Xentry diagnosis .
Choose the vehicle model (e.g. 204/211/221) with vehicle identification to start diagnostic .

Start DAS .

· System switch to DAS from xentry automatically .
· You can use the button Alt+Tab switch between applications( only can use the keypad) .
· You can also use the Intelligent diagnostic systembutton ( compact3 compact3Wcompact4switch the applications .


Navigation in the application <> information 

Navigation in the screen
· Expert mode→Actual values→…
· You can select the different Tab ( versionerror codes/eventsadaptationInformation….

Switch application
·Use ALT+TAB or press the intelligent diagnostic instrument system ( compact3compact3 wcompact4) can switch to the application that opens in the background EPC net and WIS net .

Close Xentry diagnose

· Click exit, you will see the how do you want to do proceed ? like the picture showed .
Close Xentry = Xentry was closed
Enable diagnostic multiplexer = Xentry not closed
Enable diagnostic multiplexer. When use DAS to do diagnostic select it , but you have do diagnostic with xentry already .
The diagnostic multiplexer must be used. Because it cant be used by 2 application at the same time .
Log off from server= Xentry Remain open . Close the online application that started with Xentry( EPC netWIS/ASRA netXentry TIPS), and delete the user ID from buffer .

Log off from server -(1)
· Shows users who are currently logged in to an online application .




Log off from server -(2)
· User logged out.
· Close the online application .
· TAnother user can start an online application.


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