The Top 3 Best OBD2 Scan Tools for Toyota Cars

An OBDll scanner is an automotive diagnostic tool used to read codes entered in different systems when a failure is detected and your check engine lights up. The two types of OBD-ll scanners are code readers and scan tools. A code reader will only read codes while a scan tool is a full car diagnostic tool, exhibiting a wide range of features such as the ability to view and sort live data, diagnostic procedures, built-in scopes, multimeters, and more.

Are you an owner of a Toyota car and searching for the best OBD2 scan tools that work quickly and efficiently?

There are plenty of scan tools which are known to be useful for Toyota cars. Here are the top 3 best OBD2 scan tools:

1.Launch CRP129

Launch CRP129 is a pro-level product which is applicable for most of the vehicles that match the OBDII standard after 1996. It can read as well as clear DTC and supports all 10 test modes of OBDII.

The best features of this device are the oxygen sensor test, the carbon canister test and the service light reset function which works perfectly fine for multiple car models.

This device features some unique functionality as it supports engine oil light reset, brake block reset and even steering angle sensor calibrating.

This product is a godsend for both mechanics and experienced enthusiasts.



SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer V5.0 SKP900 Free Update Online Lifetime

Top 8 Reasons to Get SuperOBD SKP-900:
1. skp900 Latest Version: V5.0
2. Support almost all vehicles in the world
3. Don’t need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles
4. Can read pin code for many vehicles, only a few vehicles need to get pincode from other place.
5. No tokens needed. You can program as many cars as you can.
6. Low price to meet the economic crisis, cost-effective.
7. Support  TOYOTA G CHIP.
8. Language: English, if you want Portuguese Version, please click SKP-900 Portuguese Version
( one device with one language only,cannot exchange,choose the correct language before you buy)



GM MDI GM Scan tool V2017.09 Plus Lenovo E49AL Laptop Full Set Ready To Use High Quality
Highlights of MDI:
1.Multi-Languages available:English, French, German,Italian.etc. Total 30 languages to choose
2.Can do cars from 1990-2017 Year
3.GM MDI software will be preinstalled in the Lenovo E49AL Laptop ,you can use it directly after you receive it
4.Support 2010-2017.09 year new cars
5.Support WIFI(optional)

If you want to do programming online, you need to have an original account by yourself.


All the three products mentioned above are the best in the present market and have their own advantages.

The Launch CRP129 hosts excellent features such as ARS, SRS, Transmission and CAN, good coverage of almost 40 car models, free updates and code definitions and the resetting functions which makes it a fantastic product. The con of this device is it is very expensive.

SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer is Hand-held OBD2 key programmer. SKP-900 Key Programmer can support almost all cars in the world, such as Ford, Land Rover, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, and so on.

The Tech 2 remains an essential tool through at least the 2010 model year. The GM MDI will not support past models when its diagnostic capabilities are introduced. And, the Tech2 will continue to be needed to diagnose all vehicles fromprevious model years. Remote programming with the Tech 2 will continue to be supported for use on all 2007 and previous vehicles.Additional information will be supplied in future. The GM MDI will be required to perform diagnostics on selected NAO vehicles for model year 2009. Diagnostic software is scheduled to be released for the GM MDI during the fourth quarter of 2008.

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