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GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface Without WIFI Card

Top 6 Reasons to Get for GM MDI: 1.Multi-Languages available:English, French, German,Italian.etc. Total 30 languages to choose. 2.Can do cars from 1990-2013 Year with OBD2 port. (For diagnosis function,if use teachwin software,support 1996-2014 year.If use gds2 software,support 2009-2012 year. For…
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GM MDI GDS2 Tech2Win V8.3.103.39 Support GM Vehicles Update to 2018

The latest GM MDI GDS2 Tech2Win software V8.3.103.39 for Vauxhall Opel Buick and Chevrolet comes in Windows 7 SATA format HDD. Software Version: V2017.2.0 System: Windows 7 64bit Update time: GM Global V2017.2.20 Used for: Both China GM MDI USB version…
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Should I buy a Tech 2 hand held or GM MDI

Thread: Tech 2 Scanner hand held or GM MDI? Tech2 hand held support more then Opel cars. It support also Isuzu, Suzuki, GM and SAAB Just changing the PCMCIA card or flash it the one you have if you have only…
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