Solution: JLR Pathfinder offline access time has expired

I can not enter the JLR DoiP VCI pathfinder software for diagnosis and programming.

It writes “offline access time has expired”



pls go to “C:\Program Files\AVL_DiTEST\Pathfinder\workspace\.metadata\.plugins”

delete the file “com.avl.ditest.ngs.userprovider”

download and unzip“com.avl.ditest.ngs.userprovider.rar”to  “C:\Program Files\AVL_DiTEST\Pathfinder\workspace


Note: you have to unzip to the specified folder; otherwise, the file might not be available (the file is available for 3
days only)

Account: zhang

Password: JLRHUAPC

Expiration: the pathfinder account will be expired in 3 days

If it expires, pls download and replace file yourself.

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