Cat Connect technology and services are helping customers stay profitable no matter the challenge.

At the end of the day, every business needs to profit. This shared benchmark is why we’ve made Cat? Connect. This platform of products and technologies is designed to integrate with operations of all types and sizes to deliver insights into machine health and operator health, that can help keep costs down and margins high.

Michigan-based Eagle Excavating is a prime example of a company saving time and money. They were up against 95,000 cubic yards of dirt waiting to be moved, with the deadline fast approaching. After leveraging Cat Connect on their fleet, Eagle was able to move a lot more earth in a lot less time. They beat their deadline by nearly two weeks, saving a total of $15,000.

In Iowa, McAninch Corp uses Cat Connect to pave better roads at a faster rate. In fact, they are able to achieve their target densities in 75% fewer passes. This means huge savings on fuel and machine wear and tear.

These kinds of savings help businesses of all sizes expand and thrive. They help owners employ and take care of their operators. These kinds of savings are what CAT Caterpillar ET Connect can help you achieve.

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