Ford diagnostic tool is the Professional Diagnostic Tool that is used by authorized and private services.

With the help of theĀ Ford VCM 2 car scanner, in addition, to find DTC, you can perform all diagnostic and programming on all automobiles and light commercial vehicles that have ford engines.

We provide IDS 109.2 version for VCM2 as same as service version.

With this last version, you can easily perform all authorized service operations on the last generate ford engine’s vehicle.

We can provide installation of the all diagnostic devices such as IDS software as the last version, with our expert technical services.

Ford VCM2 OBD2 Scanner IDS 109.02 Features;

Automatic identification

Read and Delete Diagnostic Codes(DTC)

Displaying Live Data

Ignition System Test

EGR Test

Mass Air Flow(MAF) sensor test

Mass Air Flow(MAP) sensor test

Injector Coding

Transit Injector Test

Airbag Module Active-Deactive Test (Airbag Test)

Gearbox (Transmission) Test

Throttle valve sensitivity Test

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