Ford VCM II Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade Instruction

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade1

Confirmed: Ford VCM II (Item No. SP177) firmware upgrade and downgrade is possible.


I received the VCM 2 (SP177) yesterday.  I finished installing the IDS v86 software but now it won’t recognize the VCM2. What are your recommendations to get IDS to see the VCM 2?

Solution: Run VCI upgrade

Feedback: I was able to update with vci. It completed successfully.  It appears everything is working as it should now.

Let’s check the detail VCI update procedure:

Remove the rubber case shown below.

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade1

Connect the USB cable to the VCM2 device and hold the (ReSet) button shown as below.

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade2

Connect the other end of the USB to a computer with IDS V86 installed, and then release the ReSet button until you hear a beep sound.

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade3

Run Bosch\VCI Software(Ford-VCM-II)\VCI Manger(Ford-VCM-II).

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade4

When you see the following image, it means you enter the recovery mode.

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade5

After clicking on the “Recover” button, the program will switch to the VCMII Update interface.

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade6

Click on “Start Update” to start the firmware update, and the following image will appear “Do not unplug the VCM II from the PC or remove power from the VCM II during the update process.”

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade7

After clicking on “OK”, the following image will appear to start writing the new version of firmware.

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade8

When the upgrade completed, the following prompt interface will appear, and the VCM II will automatically restart,wait until you hear the “beep”. Now exit VCM II Manager.

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade9

Run the IDS. When the icon shown in the figure below appears, the VCM update is complete and it can be used normally.

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade10


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