Review for Mercedes BENZ C6 Xentry diagnosis VCI DOIP &AUDIO Pass Thru Multi Benz Diagnostic Tool

OD6 DoIP VCI multi in one DoIP OE diagnosis is a real DoIP original diagnosis instrument based on DOP, J2534 and more original protocols adaptation under OEMD brand. It not only supports all J2534 protocols, but also takes the lead in realizing perfect and complete DoIP adaptation in the industry, replacing the original diagnosis instrument’s adaptation ability, programming ability, diagnosis and programming speed, stability and original diagnosis.

The ability of the instrument has been greatly improved, taking the lead in the industry to replace C6 in an all-round way, and it is also the first comprehensive original diagnostic instrument in the industry to realize all functions of ICOM A2 and VAS6154. OD6 has really raised the multi in one and comprehensive original diagnosis instrument to a new benchmark height, which has become the only choice for J2534 and DoIP OE diagnosis tool.

Mercedes BENZ C6 XENTRY Diagnosis VCI:

The adapter is 1:1 as original,looks like original,but inside is different.It has replaced outdated Xentry Connect (which is no longer supported), Xentry Kit, SD Compact C3, SD Compact C4, SD Connect, SD Connect DolP and Part D. It is used for comprehensive diagnostics of all Mercedes-Benz passenger, commercial and cargo vehicles; buses and industrial units (Smart, EvoBus, Maybach, SLR, MAZ, KaMAZ) as well as MAZ and KAMAZ 5490.

Software contains xentry (no DAS and HHT), vediamo, dts, epc/wis.
Test on A class W177 and a Brabus, fast USB connection and able to access all possible modules.





The Benz C6 VCI should work with only the software they produce which can be expensive when updating.


In conclusion we think the SD Connect C4 represents better value for money for the novice user who should wait until they can use Xentry software with confidence before moving to more advanced Vehicle Communication Interface, The C6 VCI seen in the photo is what a good high quality clone should look like and not the VCM2 encased version which is of lower quality.It is very convenient to use.We have installed all the software on the computer and you can use the product directly.

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