Cummins ECM update with Cummins INSITE Software

Software Version: Cummins INSITE 8.7 pro
Operating System: Win10 System
Support Multi-Language: English(united states)/ Chinese(simplified)/ Danish/ Dutch/ Finnish/ French/ German/ Italian/ Japanese/ Korean/ Norwegian/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Spanish/ Swedish/ Turkish
Compatible Hardware:
Cummins INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter
Cummins INLINE 6 Data Link Adapter


At here , I’m going to show you what happens when you got to do an update to an ecm. I know that there’s one out there, so I’m going to plug this truck in and should be able to show you how it automatically show you How to update Cummins ECM by Cummins INSITE Software. Um we have the ignition key on truck is not running. Let’s go up here in our inside program to connect to ecm, then come back down and click on connect again and after a couple seconds here. She should pop right into the program into the ecm on the truck and I’ll just kind of hopefully show you the quick way of doing it. If everything goes the way it should okay, now it came into the actual program here and they said should pop there.

It is popped up, right away and it’ll go through and it’ll tell you that there is an update. You know so on and so forth. Um very simple: just go right here on the bottom left where it says: save click on save it’s going to save it into your into your computer here in the program very self explanatory, once it saves in it’ll stop doing this little thinking thing here. You can exit out of it and like that go on over here to exit um. Then this is what I do. Some people don’t, but I always go in here- to features and parameters first, sometimes depending on the trucks.

You’ll uh you’ll have multiple ecm codes with the updates and you could always click on the wrong one. Probably wouldn’t do anything truck would still run. I like to do it this way, so that way, you know you got the right ecm code for the correct ecm, that’s in the trunk and, like I said most of the time, it’ll work um, but you just go up here to your system id open that tab up and then just go down here to ecm information, real simple and then you’ll go right down to right here where it’s ecm part number and you’ll see your part number on the right hand, side there, and then I just click back on features and parameters. Get it out of the way, remember your uh part number, and then you just go down to your calibration section and then once you’re in here, you just click in here to get it open.

It’ll pop up go in here where your calibration workspace is keep opening it up, automotive and there. It is now right here is your two different um ecms and, like I said, usually, both will work, but just to be on the safe side, open it up and double check everything, and then once it all opens up. It’ll, look like this got a whole bunch of internet. You don’t really need, but the cheating way of doing this, if you go all the way up to the top and you’ll, see a little piece of paper here with a check mark and then right to the right of it. There’s another one. It shows show installed. Calibrations, if you click on that, all of it disappears, except for the one that you can actually put into your ecm. So you click on that click enter takes a minute, but then she should just pop up and start going right through it. Go down and collect click on next then next again, next again and then here it tells you you’re about to make changes. Don’t do anything unless told so click, ok and then basically you’re just going to do whatever the computer tells you to do and I’ll pause this you don’t have to watch it because it’s kind of boring okay, then it’s gonna come up to a prompt here. Turn the key switch off and then click okay and then sit and wait some more and then, when it’s done here it prompts you to turn the key back on once you let it cycle through then go ahead and click.

Ok on that, then, here tells you everything was good, successful, press. Okay! Then here takes a little bit, but then on the bottom here, it’ll tell you to go click on next once that pops up you’re pretty much at the end of it here to where you got her done um. This is where I’ll tell you. If something has a problem, it’ll pop up prompt you that there’s an issue but nine times out of ten there ain’t and there it goes where it pops up here then click on your next then here you can go right to finish. Then you just gotta wait a little bit. Another prompt will come up saying that it’s all done and then that’s pretty much all there is to uh doing an update on the ecm program. Um and like I said just click again on your calibration section: that’ll pull that all out of there and then you can go ahead and click disconnect from the ecm and you’re all done.

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