Make Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner Work Well is easy!

Autel Maxisys Scanner will be very helpful to any of you who own Hyundai vehicle. It could be practically any Hyundai vehicle if you have a Hyundai and want to find out why your ABS and traction control lights are on. We explain you the 3 main reasons that can cause this. It also offers great tech support. Pretty simple folks stay with us, also explain what computer is used (how the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 scanner is used to diagnose all of this, and show you how to test everything to find out what’s wrong with it. You should working on several hyundai models such as sonata sucson sanadam veloster and accent too so let’s start with that now if you need to buy any parts to use anything from your hand it will also give you a clear description.

The main thing we see for ABS and Traction Control Light when they co-exist on some models is the powerful feature known as EPS. Don’t push a distraction indicator light, their bad ABS sensor, also known as a wheel speed sensor, you have one of these sensors in each direction, it will be placed right here, it will make the right request, it will detect how fast each wheel is going because the traction control and ABS are ok, both systems need that. It’s the great technical support. This is the number one thing that can go bad and sometimes people just damage them replacing suspension parts like sway burns or replacing them. Let’s say strut bushings, anything like these guys, even brakes, they will damage them sometimes, and they will break the cable internally, which can cause this problem. Now we have connected the Autel MK808 diagnostic tool to the OBD port of this Hyundai and I want to show it to you here specifically now guys, ok just let me get off here so I can prepare everything. I’m trying to get in the car, one 2. Okay, perfect, I mean, well, I’ll turn on the ignition, the Hyundai guys are okay.

This is the new Autel MK808 scanner that we use on many vehicles. They asked me to recommend a good diagnostic tablet. It’s here, yes it works on almost every car you can imagine. You can just click on VIN recognition to read your VIN number. You have to confirm that this is the right one, she will decode it and even tell you which car you have, which is quite amazing because it is very convenient for you. What we like about Autel MK808 is that you can access any computer system in your car and this Hyundai is a 2013 model with 17 systems but imagine how many more even the newer ones have.

Next you need to find Electronic Stability Program and select OK from there. You can click Read Codes to find out exactly why the traction control and ABS light are on. In most cases it will tell you straight away what low voltage means the battery was low at some point, but that’s in history so it doesn’t activate the lights now, but even a low battery can cause an outage, and the next says active means we still have an issue, the wheel speed sensor on the front right side is broken which we removed, that’s why we have the ABS interact light.

But what else could that be? If you go to live data here ok it’s super powerful too you can check the speed sensors for each wheel and one that’s broken says 155 mph what do we do now we have a person the left one wheel turns . And I’m going to check the speed here and it says 5 kilometers in the front left ok perfect so that’s a working sensor you can check any of them if you have. In the cabin here or if you’re just driving the car, you can check them out that way and see which ones work and which ones don’t. Another thing: you can scroll down to steering angle sensor status, sometimes you may have an issue, let’s say you replaced something on the suspension, you hit a pothole or you installed a new steering angle sensor that isn’t calibrated or that, or let’s assume the alignment is off which means the steering wheel isn’t properly aligned which can trigger the traction control and the guys ABS light as well It’s super easy to calibrate, there’s a youtube video, that explains how to do that, it’s very simple, you have to do this every time you replace a suspension bag, take it to the shop for alignment, all that stuff that you have to calibrate.

You can actually test if it works, you can see it shows 0 degrees now. For the steering angle sensor and the steering wheel is straight, if I go about 90 degrees to the left, you can see 90 degrees right there. I can go to the right it should be minus 90 because I’m going the other way and you can test and see it like that. But the top 3 things we see are a bad speed sensor, not a calibrated steering wheel sensor, or a bad steering wheel sensor.

Alright, hope the article is helpful, thanks for reading, thanks to Autel MaxiCOM MK808) and see you next time. More information you can check here:

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