MB SD Connect Compact 4 FAQ

Software list:
1. DAS 2020.12: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System
2. Xentry 2020.12: New software released by Bennz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis new cars.






About Computer System Requirement

Q1: Does SD C4 contain SATA HDD?
A1: There are three kinds of hard disk formats for MB SD C4 2019.03, including: for Dell D630, for T30 and moveable
hard disk, and only two kinds of format for SD C4 2019.05, including: for Dell D630and moveable hard disk. Do they
contain SATA HDD? It depends on which kinds of HDD, please write a note which format you need when ordering.

Q2:  Is SD C4 compatible with window7?
A2: moveable hard disk version is compatible with WIN7, better Professional version. But suggest you not use WIN7,
90% sdc4 software get broken because of the usage of WIN7.

Q3: I have blue screen after insert SD C4 Dell D60 hard disk into the computer and open it.
A3: make sure your Dell D630 computer is integrated video card and with 1GB memory, because the D630 of discrete
video card is easy to have blue screen or shutdown and restart, restart and shutdown.

Q4: When I click “Diagnostic” to find “Fingerprint ID” of mb sd c4 2019.5 , I got an error” Internal error

(3.17)- 3.89 You must contact the user help Desk “.


A4: Check whether your computer is compatible with sd c4 2019.05 software. If you choose d630 hard disk, it needs to
work with Dell D630 computer with integrated video card and 1GB memory; if you choose movable hard disk, it’s
requirement to the computer is: CPU 2.0GHZ or above, 2GB memory or more, Windows XP professional.

About Language Available

Q: Is DAS available with 21 languages and optional to reset? Or only English available?
A: The DAS on the desktop is only English available, after enter into Xentry you are allowed to set the language you
want. Just enter into Xentry whatever car models you want to diagnose, and if the car model should be diagnosed and
programmed in the DAS but you enter Xentry, it will automatically switch into DAS and the DAS language will be as
the same as the Xenty language.


About Update

Q1: When I connect to Wireless Network Connection, I got the following display, what should I do?

A1: Just ignore this message and follow our video tutorial to set.

Q2: MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star 2019.03 update error: the software update was aborted. Please repeat the update
process. (662)


A2: do not update MB SD Connect Compact 4. You are allowed to update hardware version to 2.02, not 2.2.

About Activation / Code

Q1: when I setup Star Diagnoses SD connect compact 4 hard disk; I got a message reading “No access authorization
code! Please contact the Star diagnosis call center”.


A1: It needs activation, please send us Hardware fingerprint, LAN-ID and HW-ID, then we will help you active. As for
how to get Hardware fingerprint, LAN-ID and HW-ID.

Q2: When I open EPC of MB SD C4 2012.11 (SP100), I got error message “unable to start application program”, what’
s the reason?
A2: Firstly, make sure EPC is activated. Secondly, make sure enter EPC from “EPC NET EXPLORER ” and find out LAN
ID, finally active it (A part of users tend to directly start EPC from Xentrty, this is not correct.) Still have got
the same error? Please contact us for remote assistance.

Q3: After I get MB SD connect c4 activation file, I have no idea how to use it, active by star utilities or by EWA
A3: We have video tutorial, please click column “Video” to watch. Important note: make sure enter EPC from “EPC
NET EXPLORER ” and find out LAN ID, finally active it.

Q4: I insert the DELL D630 hard disk of MB STAR compact C4 into the computer and then turn on the computer; it asked
me for administrator code, what is this code?
A4: This administrator code is: User$star2004

About Installation

Q1: I got this error reading ” A disk read error occurred, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart” after I insert the hard

disk of SD Compact 4 into the computer.


A1: the hard disk has a poor connection with the computer or the hard disk is broken.

Q2: MB SD C4 has error after click “Select MUX”, Status “No Signal”.


A2: Please connect to “Local area connection”, and set IP address:, Subnet mask: for
the details, please watch the video tutorial by clicking column “Video”.

Q3: How to install MB SD connect c4 starfinder?
A3: it doesn’t need to install starfinder, directly open “c:\program
files\web_etm\index.html “.

Q4: My moveable hard disk of MB SD connect C4 has no display. Does it use USB cable to connect the hard disk and
then active?
A4: Yes, use USB cable to connect the moveable hard disk and the computer, firstly install “setup.exe”, and then
import Mercedes Benz software, the computer configuration should not be too low.

Q5: After I connect MB SD C4 to the car, SD C4 has no voltage on the PIN8 OBD cable, but when the ignition key on
the second position, the PIN8 cable voltage is 12V. What’s the problem?
A5: It suggests you don’t start the car, after the car start, the PIN8 will display voltage value.

Q6: Does the hard disk of MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star 2018.11 contain WAS and DAS open program?
A6: Yes, it does.

Q7: Working with SP100, I wanted to change the way fuel consumption is calculated in the KIW module. This is done in
option 1772 of KIW, only adaptable with the developer version of DAS (see FOTO.JPG). Since when starting I have to
agree to the special “dangers” the developer version implements, I thought I would be able to change that value.
But there is no modify option available


A7: the way of fuel consumption cannot be changed; you are allowed to choose option 1772 of KIW.

Q8: Xentrty error reading “Internal error: (3.17)-3.173 you must contact the User Help Desk”


A8: Don’t set the file “lic-key-2” as “read only.
About Settings (WIFI, IP and Wlan)

Q1: Does MB SD C4 Wlan have key? Can I connect to the internet only by the key and no need to connect to network
A1: the WLAN key is “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” (26 a in total)


Q2: How to set MB SD C4 WIFI?
A2: Firstly, disconnect the local areal connection, then connect the sdconnect 4 with the car and start the car,
finally connect to the wireless connections, please follow the next instructions to set: click Configuration-MUX-
Register/configure, under the “General information”, select name “04” and then tick off “Wlan parameters, road
”, then set the following parameters: IP address:, Network screen:, Encryption: WEP /
Hex, Key: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (26 a in total), we have video tutorial, please click column “Video” to watch
or contact our customer service to send you.

Q3: After MB SD Connect Compact 4 2019.03 (SP100) update, it displays nothing on the screen, only the green LED
flashes, what should I do?
A3: Please connect well SDconnect c4 with the car and the computer, set the correct IP address, then do a self-test.

Q4: Why MB SD C4 is unable to connect with the computer; even after I try LAN cable.
A4: It needs to set the IP address. How to set the IP address?
Start-Connect to all connections-Local Area Connection-right click “Properties”-Internet Protocol-Use the
following IP address, IP address:, Subnet mask:, finally click “Ok”, we have video
tutorial, please click column “Video” to watch or contact our customer service to send you.

About Self-Test

Q1: When I start DAS, it says that, I am using the developer version. In some menus however the software does not
seem to be a developer version.Is it or is it not a developer version?  am NOT connected to the internet when
diagnosing a car. Only the SD-Box is connected to the notebook via WLAN. Could that be the problem?
A1: Have you set the “sdc4″ well? Could you please do a self-checking for your device? Then show me the result of
the self-checking. Please refer to the following steps of self-checking.
A: Did you have the SD C4 set well? Please follow the next instructions to have a self-test, and then send us the
self diagnostic report.


Q2: MB SD STAR C4 (SP100) is unable to self-test?
A2: check whether the COM PORT is COM2, if it is, there are four possible reasons:
1) the COM PORT has problem;
2) MB SD C4 and the computer has a poor connection.
3) The cable or SDC4 doesn’t work;
4) SD C4 disconnect with the car.

Q3: When I do self-diagnosis for MB, I got error message: 3001 Error.
A3: Self-diagnostic has error not suggest MB SD C4 has problem. The aim of self-diagnosis is to check whether SD C4
connect well with the computer and the car, whether the IP address and parameter is set correctly, whether the SD
connect c4 and the driver has successful communication. We have video tutorial on how to do self diagnosis for SD
C4, please follow it to operate, if you are able to self-diagnostic, it suggests MB SD C4 settings is OK, the
connections is OK and it has communication between MB SD c4 and the software. Just go to test the car, if you got
any errors, screenshot them and send us to judge where the problem is.

About Function

Q1: Does MB SD C4 support SCN coding?
A1: Our SD C4 hardware support offline programming, but the software needs to active, and it will cost additional

Q2:MB SD C4 could read chassis number for Smart 1998, but unable to test ECU after connected with the car.
A2: It needs login password when test Smart, we have DAS SMART Calculator (Item No. ss27) to help calculate login

Q3: Which tool can diagnose ML 270 2005 and A class W169 2007?
A3: MB SD C4.

Q4: Which tool can diagnose Mercedes Benz Trucks, 3335, 1823 and 1413?
A4: MB SD C4.

Q5: Which tool can diagnose and program for Mercedes Benz BUS body.

Q6: Where to find Smart TAN CODE in the software of MB SD C4 ?
A6: Sorry, so far we have no Smart TAN code, advice you go to 4S store or original factory to consult.

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