Nexiq USB2 Change+Techtool Change Speed Limit for Volvo VN V2 US02


Here will show you guide on how to use Nexiq USB2 interface and Volvo PTT diagnostic software to do speed limit programming for Volvo VN V2 ES02 truck.


Nexiq USB2 Adapter

Volvo PTT Techtool Software



Connect Nexiq USB2 diagnostic tool to Volvo truck and PC,then run Volvo Techtool software

After truck identification.

Select “Program” tool bar,then select “Service and maintenance”

After then click “Parameter,programming” and click “Start”

Click “Start” button,then select “Road Speed Limit”

After then check and find “Cruise control max speed”

Input new value you want,then click “Continue”

Now here show parameters to be programmed,click “Progaram”


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