OBDSTAR Odo Master done VW Passat odometer correction via obd

How to use OBDSTAR OBOMASTER change mileag for 2008 VW Passat  Step-by-step here:

Use the 16pin cable to plug OBDSTAR Odo Master into the VW Passat, the dashboard light up.

Tap “Cluster calibrate”, search “VW”.

VW V31.99.

VCI upgrading…


Select from vehicle.


VDO K line.


Reading mileage… usually 2-5 minutes.

Current mileage 250000 KM, mileage is right?

Please input the mileage of the adjustment: 230000.

Adjusting mileage…

Usually 2-5 minutes.
OBDSTAR Odo Master is really one nice VW  odometer correction tool.Odomaster can change mileage for 2013 VW:

OBDSTAR ODOMASTER: Mileage Reset For 2013 VW NEC24C64 Color Screen Type 2

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