Piwis 3 V38.90 For Porsche Piwis III Software Installed DELL E7450 Laptop Ready to Use

Why Choose Piwis 3 With V38.90 Piwis 3 Software Installed DELL E7450 Laptop Complete?

-Piwis 3 PT3G with New operation system Piwis 3 software V38.90 and more intuitive diagnostic interface ready to work for Porsche cars, just plug & play. No need activation or call for after-sales service

-Piwis 3 compare with Piwis 2, Piwis 3 PT3G VCI From Piwis-tester-2.com with DoIP diagnosis for Porsche vehicles till 2019

Porsche Tester Piwis III is good at maintenance, repair, control units change, and programming & setting codes as Dealer lever device, support such dealer function:

To find out leading faults
To look for maintenance wiring diagram
To support special functions like modification or flashing, with Engineering mode (Development version)
To log in for online immobilizer programming

First of all, What’s The Piwis III with DELL E7450 Full Set Included?

Hardware: for Porsche Piwis III Tester

Software Version:  V38.90 installed 240G SSD

Laptop: Dell E7450

Operating System: Win8-64 bit

Update method: Send laptop back for update (can not update by HDD, still research )

Piwis III Piwis Tester 3 PT3G VCI Functions:

Read/clear error code

Catch data stream

Computer programming match

Component test

Maintenance information consult

Components site drawing

Wiring diagram

Piwis III for Pors*che PT3G VCI Feature:

Firstly, PIWIS III is the new third-generation Porsche diagnostic tool, it’s updated to a modern user interface, faster performance, also have license automatic update, online view of the technical documents, fault finding guide, online programming, faster and more efficient work.

Secondly, Porsche Piwis III achieve all the function of Piwis II for Porsche diagnostic & programmings.

Thirdly, Piwis III works with the old and latest Porsche car. It is equipped with the Panasonic laptop and software for the test function. it is with power functions.

Professional Diagnostic Tools Piwis III comes with developer mode engineering software for programming

Piwis III Support Car List:All Pors*che from 2002-2019

Porsche 911(997) (991)

Boxster/Cayman (987)

Cayenne up to MY 2010

Cayenne from MY 2011


Especially the latest models:

Panamera (971) 2018

Cayenne (92A) 2018

Macan (95B) 2018

911 (991) 2018

and other old models

PIWIS 3 for Porsche Full Set Packing List:

Piwis 3 Tester *1pc

OBDII Cable *1pc

USB Cable*1pc

Dell E7450 Laptop (Refurbishment) *1pc

Piwis 3

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