Wondering how GM MDI 2 configures wireless connection settings?

Wondering how GM MDI 2 configures wireless connection settings?

High quality GM MDI with WIFI without software-1

Here on how to configure GM MDI 2 Multiple Diagnostic Interface wireless connection settings.

Give 4 steps to easy finish.

1. Connect GM MDI 2 to a PC, and wait until the 2 orange lights were on.
configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-1-8 (2)

2. Connect PC to WIFI.
3. Open GM MDI Manager >> Connect >> Network setup >> Wireless(802.11) >> Enable wireless interface >> Access point >> Refresh >> Select same WIFI as PC >> Input wireless security password >> Next >>> Yes
You can see there’s a signal quality icon.
configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-2-8 (2)

configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-3-8 (2)
configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-4-8 (2)

configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-5-8 (2)

configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-6-8 (2)

configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-7-8 (2)

4.Go back MDI Explorer to disconnect, and unplug the connection cable. Click “Connect” when it’s showing a signal icon.
Once it shows with a tick, and 2 green lights are fast blinking, the setup works.
configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-8-8 (2)

configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-9-8 (2)
configure-gm-mdi-2-wireless-connection-settings-10-8 (2)


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