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Ford VCM II Firmware Upgrade and Downgrade Instruction

Vcm Ii Firmware Upgrade Downgrade1

Confirmed: Ford VCM II (Item No. SP177) firmware upgrade and downgrade is possible. Problem: I received the VCM 2 (SP177) yesterday.  I finished installing the IDS v86 software but now it won’t recognize the VCM2. What are your recommendations to get…
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TIS2000 “E666: Access to SPS Server was Denied” Solution

Tis2000 E666 Solution 04

Hey guys, engineer & users share the working solution to GM Tech2 software TIS2000 error” E666: Access to Service Programming Server was denied”. Possible reasons and solutions: You need a New-Different “Safe” cable if you using USB —->RS232….. Ensure the cable…
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How to Program 2010 Fiat Punto Evo ID46 All Keys Lost?

Xtool Pad2 2010 Fiat Punto Evo 11

How-to: program 2010 fiat Punto Evo All keys lost. 2010 fiat Punto Evo Delphi ID46 All keys lost Decode lock with Lishi sip22. Aftermarket key Read 5-digit code no problem Pre coded remote key. Programmed new key including remote (normal…
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How to Add Citroen Cactus 2016 Remote Key via OBD?

Xhorse - Psa - Remote - Fsk - Id4a - 2

Citroen cactus 2016 (AES 4A transponder) successfully add remote key via OBD. Easy 3 steps: 1.Read PIN code My x300 did not arrived yet. So I read PIN code offline with Smart Pro in 2 minutes. 2. Generate remote generate…
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Solution to XTOOL Fail to Active with “Input is Invalid” Note

Input - is  -Invalid - 2

One Xtool X100 Pad2 user turned to us for help that his new X100 Pad2 failed to activate. When he filled in the info, the tablet screen shows “input is invalid: invalid Email, please input the right address” and then “This…
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