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The Best OBD Odometer Correction Tool for Ford

What - is - the - Best - OBD - Odometer - Correction - Tool - for - Ford - 1

OBDSTAR Odo Master Odometer Correction Tool is latest OBD mileage change tool launched by OBDSTAR which is based on OBDSTAR X300M. It has a wide vehicle coverage of Ford, from 2005 to 2019. Take Ford Focus for example: Here is the…
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Program Fiat Ducato 2008 ID46 Key with Lonsdor K518S

Lonsdor K518s Fiat Ducato 2008 Id46 Key Programming 019

How to use Lonsdor K518S/K518ISE to program Fiat Ducato 2008 ID46 Key successfully. Related content: Program/Add New Keys for PROTON Gen 2 Manually by Lonsdor K518ISE This is original working Fiat Ducato 2008 ID46 key. Use the original key to…
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OBDSTAR Odo Master done VW Passat odometer correction via obd


How to use OBDSTAR OBOMASTER change mileag for 2008 VW Passat  Step-by-step here: Use the 16pin cable to plug OBDSTAR Odo Master into the VW Passat, the dashboard light up. Tap “Cluster calibrate”, search “VW”. VW V31.99. VCI upgrading… Initializing… Select…
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OBDSTAR ODO Master Test Report: Correct Mileage for VW NEC24C64/ PASSAT

Odo Master Vw Mileage Correction 17

Here share two ODO Master VW mileage adjustment test reports which have been confirmed by www.cnautotool.com engineer. ODO Mater newest price: €727.83 (was €885.30) Purpose: Check if ODOMaster can adjust mileage for 2008 VW PASSAT and 2013 VW NEC24C64 or not…
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OBDSTAR OdoMaster vs. X300M OBD Odometer Correction Tool

As titled, what’s the difference between the new 5 inch OBDSTAR Odo Master and the X300M OBD mileage programmer? Check the table comparison below: Another biggest difference is that OdoMaster will release continuously software upgrade in the near feature (1 year…
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Lonsdor K518S Add New Key for Honda CR-V 2015

Here CnAutotool share you the test report on Lonsdor K518S program new key for Honda CR-V 2015.In this case it is a adding key testing,you need to working key. Procedures: Connect Lonsdor K518S to Honda CR-V obd port,then enter menu to select…
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This help file basically includes 4 parts: Function, Operation, Attention, and Reference.

Function 1. The backup immodata: please refer to the “Operation” to backup immodata, after that program and delete key can be proceed; 2. Add smart key: to program smart card, add key and all key lost have the same operation;…
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Lonsdor K518ISE programs 2005 Ford Focus key in two minutes

A quick demonstration of Lonsdor K518ISE programming key for 2005 Ford Focus in two minutes. And for more auto key programming,check hereautomotive key programming cases. This is the Ford with this key the HP 100 101, sorry not the Tibbe…
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Volvo-S60 smart key-Full Keyless -Help File

This help file basically includes 4 parts: Function, Operation, Attention, and  Reference. Function 1. Add smart key: to add a smart key or program on all key lost; 2. Delete smart key: delete the already programmed smart key; 3. Read…
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