Chevrolet Tahoe 2007 Diagnose by Xtool X100 Pad3

XTOOL X100 PAD3 which is called X100 PAD Elite too, is a professional tablet key programmer which not only provides customers with key programming, but also supplies advanced special functions including Key programming, oil service light reset, timing belt service light reset, tire pressure warning light reset, EPB reset, throttle body reset, DPF reset, battery reset, steering angle calibration and OBD-II engine diagnosis, etc.

XTOOL X100 PAD3 Key Programming is not only specific in key programming, also support auto diagnosis, here is detail

step to diagnostic for  Chevrolet Tahoe 2007.

let’s have a look at the front view of Xtool pad3.


Then, we will do the car diagnosis step by step with this device.

Operation procedures:

Click “Diagnosis” on the Desktop->Click “Common Diagnosis”->Select Car manufacturer region(America here)->Select

car type(Chevrolet here)

Then, we will come to the “Product series” interface.

Select “Tahoe-2WD” to continue.


Click “OK” to confirm the “Vehicle Configuration Property”.

A new interface of “Select function” will come to us.

Remember what we are going to do today?

Car diagnosis, right? So select “Auto Diagnose” to move on to the next step.


We have to wait until Pad3 finishes the “Auto diagnose” process. The device will scan all modules of the car

accordingly. If any problem is scanned in your car, it will be prompted right next to its corresponding module like


If nothing is wrong with the car, it will be shown on the screen like this:


So happy to get this device that runs so fast. The scanning process will only cost us 1-3 minutes.

All right! Let’s see what exactly this scanner can tell us.

It’s almost finished. 27 modules of the car have finished scanning.


Select “Transfer case control module”->Click “Diagnose”->Click “Read Trouble Code->Click “Diagnostic trouble


If it prompts “No fault code present”, this module of the car works normally.

If the module has a problem, the trouble code will be listed line-by-line. The meaning of each trouble code will

also be shown right next to it.

27-14 job for today is finished successfully.

I like to work on my car with professional tools. Please stayed tuned!

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