Cummins INLINE 7 Connections by USB, WiFi and Bluetooth

Cummins INLINE 7 Connections by USB-1

Cummins INLINE 7 DataLink Adapter has three ways to connect including USB, WiFi and Bluetooth. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. You may do a better choice for different situations.

Be aware of the system requirements before connected

System Requirements

Component Requirement
IBM PC-compatiblecomputer 1GHz processor or moreRAM: 256MB or more (512MB recommended)

USB port, version 1.1 or higher

Wi-Fi car

Operating system Windows 7Windows 8

Windows 10

Bluetooth adapter Bluetooth Class 1 USB Adapter (up to 100mrange)

Note: PCs that have Integrated Bluetooth

typically use a Class 2 Bluetooth module, which has limited range (typically 10m).

Wi-Fi wireless network Dual band Wi-Fi (802.11a, b, g, or n)


Communication Options:

Wired USB Connection

A wired USB connection provides the advantages of high data throughput, low latency, and a high-reliability data connection.

ECU reprogramming typically requires both high throughput and critical timing, and should always use a USB-to-PC wired connection.

Wired communication between the INLINE 7 and your PC requires an Automo-Tive A to Mini-B USB cable.

Cummins INLINE 7 Connections by USB-2

Wireless Bluetooth Connection

The INLINE 7 Link Adapter can be configured to use Bluetooth wireless technology to provide communication between the INLINE 7 and your PC. Bluetooth has limited bandwidth and exhibits latency when compared to WI-FI or a wired USB connection. This may result in dropped messages in situations requiring high bandwidth.

If you decide to employ an external, Class 1 USB Bluetooth(100m) adapter, you will have to perform the following tasks:

1 Disable the integrated Bluetooth device

2 Install the drivers supplied with the external adapter

3 Configure the Bluetooth environment

Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

The INLINE 7 can also be configured to use Wi-Fi to provide wireless communication between the INLINE 7 and your PC.

Wi-Fi performance can be affected by network congestion or radio frequency interference if there are too many other wireless devices in the vicinity.These conditions may result in dropped messages. For this reason, Wireless communication is not recommended for ECU reprogramming.

Overall, USB connection is the most stable and efficient, Bluetooth and WiFi are more convenience but limited.


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