Cummins Insite 8.3 can work with Inline 5 Inline 6 Inline 7?

Cummins Insite 8.3 can work with Inline 5 Inline 6 Inline 7?

Q:Has anyone has experience of Cummins Inline 5 adapter on new INSITE version 8.3?

Should I have a new adapter Inline 6 or Inline 7 for 8.3?

A: for better, Inline 5 is advised to used with Insite 8.2.

You should have a new one if Insite 8.3, coz it only works for Cummins Inline 6 and Inline 7 adapters.

This is the official note about Insite and Inline:

“With INSITE 8.3.1, the latest INLINE 6or INLINE 7drivers and firmware MUST be installed.

Legacy adapters such as INLINE I, II and 4 are obsolete. INLINE 5 can be used with INSITE, however support for these adapters is no longer available.”

Note that it’s kind of different in protocol support when you use Insite 8.3 with INLINE 6 and INLINE 7. Model Year 2007 and newer products only support the J1939 protocol. Please refer to the following table for specific information:

Insite 8.3 protocol support: INLINE 6 vs INLINE 7:
cummins-insite-8.3-download-1 (2)cummins-insite-8.3-download-2 (2)
You have to know: Cummins Insite 8.3 adapters issue (INLINE 6 & 7):

cummins-insite-8.3-download-3 (2)

Do not substitute cables, except as indicated in the INLINE 6 or INLINE 7 Product Announcement Bulletin.

Incompatible cables may damage the INLINE 6 or INLINE 7 adapter or personal computer and will void any applicable warranty.

Incompatible cables may cause communication issues with INSITE.

INLINE 6 and INLINE 7 adapters may intermittently lose communication. If your Datalink adapter has communication problems, disconnect power from the adapter for 5 seconds and then reconnect. The INSITE program does not need to be shutdown.

There is a feature under Tools > Reset Datalink Adapter that may correct some software communication errors with the INLINE 6 and INLINE 7.

The main harness (backbone) has a maximum overall length of 40 meters.

A J1939 stub, which can be a connection point for ECM’s and/or the INLINE 5, INLINE 6 and INLINE 7 datalink adapters, cannot exceed a maximum length of 1 meter.

At each end of the backbone harness is a terminating resistor with a nominal resistance of 120 Ohms, it will measure 60 Ohms when you measure across the Datalink.

The INLINE 6 and INLINE 7 adapters should be connected to a continuous battery power supply. When making adjustments with INSITE, including calibration download, the operator will be asked to switch the key off. If the adapter is getting its power from a power source dependent on the key switch status, such as the lighter adapter inside the cab, the adapter will lose power, which will result in INSITE losing connection to the ECM. This will require the operator to reconnect to the ECM and the adjustments might not have been saved.

The INLINE Mini adapter is not supported by INSITE.


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