Reprogram ECU with Autel MaxiFlashPro J2534 and MaxiSys MS908

Last week, I got Autel MaxiFlash Elite J2534 and MaxiSys Pro MS908P shipped from China. A little expensive, and it will be better if it can be sold as a combination. But, worth every penny.

My package:


Here is the step-by-step instruction about ECU reprogramming with Autel MaxiFlashPro J2534 and Autel MS908p for sharing.

Select “MaxiSys”.



Select “Diagnostics”.

Tap the second button on the top and select “Auto detect”.

Establishing vehicle communications…

Tap “Yes” for the correct auto scan report.


Select “Programming/Customization”.

Select “Programming”.

Do the following instruction according to the

“Connect MaxiFlashPro to the vehicle and MaxiSys.

Turn the ignition off.

Verify the vehicle battery fully charged.

Turn the ignition on and the engine off.

Connect Autel Tool MaxiFlashPro to Data Link Connector.

Connect MaxiFlashPro to MaxiSys.

Switch MaxiFlashPro device on and wait for the device to get ready.

After Programming, technician will be given the opportunity to clear diagnostic trouble codes from all ECUs on the vehicle.

The technician may want to record DTCs and Freeze Frame Data befor continuing.


Please use the USB cable to connect MaxiFlashPro to MaxiSys.

Make sure MaxiSys is connected to the internet before connection”

Select “Yes”.


Tab OK for the correct VIN.

Select “Reprogram ECU”.

Establishing vehicle communication…

Select “ECU-Engine Control Module”.

Tap “Help” and then tap “OK” to back.

Page down, and select “OK”.


Select “Engine operation” to go on.

Select this.


Tap OK.

Tap OK.


Page down to read ECM information and tap OK to download files.



Programming complete, and read the post programming instructions and tap OK to go on.

( post programming instructions:

If there are no Controller Specific Instructions, turn the ignition off for 30 second to reset the controller.

Clearing DTCs will erase stored history data from alll controllers on the Data Link.

Controller currently in use, Move your interface to any additional auxiliary Data connectors on the vehicle to clear DTCs from other controllers. When finished, return the interface to the Data Link Connector.)


Tap “Yes” to clear the DTCs.

Establishing vehicle communication…

Tap OK for erase codes command sent.

Tap “NO” for not to proceed the same VIN.

Tap ESC.


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